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James Morgan-Ichijoji

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*squee!* [Feb. 9th, 2007|09:24 am]
James Morgan-Ichijoji
Omg!!~~~ Hehehe!!! Four people have taken my Johari already. :D I'm so excited. hehe. ^.^

James thinks: dependable, energetic, loving, ingenious, sentimental, complex.
Kenji thinks: giving, intelligent, loving, spontaneous, warm, trustworthy.

Hehe... Kenji~ you're the only one who didn't say I was energetic. :3

And Daddy, I'm so happy that you took it! ^.^!!! Hehe~ Do you guys really think all of that of me? ^.^ Heheheheeeee!!! I'm so glad Cimberly decided to randomly check my e-mail today. ^.^! Heee~ This is the absolute BEST! :D!

Thank youuuuuuu to everyone! ^.^!!!! <3