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Jimmy's Journal


James Morgan-Ichijoji
20 July
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  • jimmy_morgan@livejournal.com
Hiiiiii~~~ ^.^ I'm Jimmy!! ^.^ It's a pleasure to meet you!! Be my friend?

::leaps around:: heeheehee!!!

Oh! You don't know who I am, do you?! ^.^ My name is James Wesphalt Morgan X.
I was named after my daddy. ^.^;

Daddy! Are you reading this?! ^.^ heehee!!!

Kenji is my souuuulllll mate~~~~~ ^.^ His Lj is: kenji_ichijoji ^.^ Go see him sometime, 'kay?

Yay! Oh, Ni-ni! I can't wait to see you again!!! :DDD!

Eh-heh... well, everyone voted and... hehe... ^.^;;;



[for anyone who doesn't know, this is Jimmy. He's the son of Jessie and James. (Yes, Jessie and James from Pokemon!) I found him. ^_^ But, please be nice, because he's very sensitive!!!]